What’s in my pocket?

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I usually wear an apron when I’m working in my shop. The breast pocket contains a couple of 6″ rulers, a pencil or two, and often a Sharpie marker. There’s a lower pocket in which I usually keep a convertible screwdriver, folding knife, and tape measure. I use stuff from this group almost constantly. The screwdriver especially comes in handy when I’m setting up my tools to loosen and tighten adjusting screws and a knife at hand is always handy.

What's in my apron pocket.

What’s Going On?

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This is a place to talk about and show some of my hobbies. Mostly woodworking, but other stuff as well. I also have a blog where I’ll be talking about some hints, some rants, and some general stuff.

New Stage in Life

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It’s official, I’m retired. I’m doing woodworking and general mucking about in my workshop full-time now. This is the kind of stuff I like doing. Toy Train Engine I’m in the process of trying to get my shop a little more organized. I’ve got stuff from 50 years sitting around waiting for me to use. Now I just have to figure out what to do with it.